Once Again, SMA Gets to Extend a Warm Welcome to Its Sunny Seniors

The seniors came to the Solar Academy SMA has many time-honored traditions, but there is one that truly stands out: our Sunny Seniors’ Spring Get-Together. This year was no exception. A number of retired team members happily took our works council up on its invitation and got together in the middle of March for a cozy gathering at SMA, marking the 7th time this event has taken place at our facilities. But calling it an “event” hardly does justice to how important this get-together is to SMA. It’s more than just that: It’s a family reunion. Our team members get together once a year, exchange stories and news, and pass on their knowledge to the younger members of the SMA family.

From our SMA Choir to our CEO: Everybody gets involved

Our SM A-Cappella Choir started the proceedings by giving our Sunny Seniors a warm musical welcome to the cafeteria, and the champagne reception that followed was enriched by new and old SMA stories that were told by its attendants.

in backround you can see the sma chorus

in backround you can see the sma chorus

After the reception, Pierre-Pascal Urbon welcomed our Sunny Seniors to our Academy. Many had never seen the building before, so it was no surprise that they were wowed by the technology inside. Shortly thereafter, the SMA CEO gave a presentation explaining how the business had evolved throughout the last few years and how the company is meeting the challenges of today’s market. When he was done, he was more than happy to take all the time necessary to answer all the questions that came up. Our Sunny Seniors would later wrap up a cozy afternoon with coffee and cake and say goodbye with one thing in their minds: The joy of being able to look forward to a new SMA family reunion next year.

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