Going Green Hollywood Style

Most of us are used to seeing daily headlines revealing the latest triumphs and trials of Hollywood’s A-listers. While much of what we see may focus on fashion and heartbreak, some celebs are putting their high-profile publicity to good use by promoting their own efforts to live sustainably.

A bit of research shows that dozens of actors, actresses and musicians are doing their part to keep the planet clean in a variety of ways, from using solar power to composting to wearing recycled clothing.

The late Larry Hagman, the former TV star of “Dallas”, was a well known solar advocate.

Here are a few of our favorite go-green celebrity efforts:

Solar Support: Larry Hagman

We would be remiss not to mention the late Larry Hagman, one of the industry’s earliest and most visible advocates. He lived on a ranch powered by solar and was involved in various philanthropic solar projects worldwide. Hagman reportedly paid just $13 in energy costs per year once he installed solar on his California ranch.

Jack Johnson is a singer-songwriter, surfer and renewable energy advocate.


Charitable Sustainability: Jack Johnson

Not only does Jack Johnson own a Los Angeles recording studio that runs entirely on solar, but he established the Kokua Hawaii Foundation in his native state to educate children about renewable energy and sustainable living. Passing knowledge to a new generation is a great way to increase the use of solar in the future.

Julia Roberts, a famous American actress, has taken advantage of the sunny California climate by adding solar to her Malibu home.

Bringing Solar Home: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts’ efforts to go green reportedly date back to the 1970s when she first learned about solar energy. Today Roberts lives in a Malibu mansion with $20 million in eco-friendly upgrades including a solar system, energy efficient appliances and recycled tile. Her goal is to pave the way for increased solar use through example.

An American actor and self-proclaimed “green living expert”, Woody Harrelson lives in a completely sustainable community.

Controversially Committed: Woody Harrelson

We hear that Woody Harrelson lives completely off-grid in Hawaii in a home that is part of a community powered 100% by solar energy. Interestingly he also eats a raw vegan diet and is known as an avid and “colorful” environmental advocate within the Hollywood circle. Though sometimes controversial, Harrelson is deeply committed to living a green lifestyle.


Other solar advocates among the Hollywood elite include Robert Redford, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few. While many of us may not have Hollywood fame and fortune, we can certainly applaud some of those who do and are putting it to good use.  Who is your favorite green celebrity?


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